PGCPS Walk Out? Students Consider Joining Anti-Trump Protests

April Howard

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Students in Prince George’s County Public Schools organized a mass walk out at different schools last Friday, November 18, 2016.
While, the walkout was scheduled for 11:30AM across PG county, different schools have received different walk out locations central to where their school is located. Specifically, Charles Herbert Flowers High School students, who were asked to walk-out and assemble at Woodmore Towne Centre where they will proceed to Glenarden Library in a peaceful protest.
PGCPS has released statements and robo-calls to parents and students advising them against the walk-out for safety reasons and to help keep the education of others students from being interrupted. PGCPS has made it clear that they are not sanctioning the peaceful protest and there is a likelihood that students who participate in the walk-out could be arrested.
So will the protest go on as planned despite these factors?
Will PGCPS take note from MCPS and DCPS in allowing their students their right to assemble peacefully?
Or will students back down and have their voices silenced.
Students in Montgomery County Public Schools and D.C Public Schools have been exercising their first amendment right, with MCPS and DCPS acknowledging this right, to assemble peacefully. They have held organized walkouts during school in several locations including gathering near the White House in DC.
Local news stations have been able to get live footage of some of the walkouts and have interviewed students as well.