Happy Founders Day!!!!


The Flowers men gather to celebrate Founders Day

Tyra Ware

On November 17, 2016, Mr. Brown and fellow administrators celebrated their fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, being founded 105 years ago. Omega Psi Phi is the first fraternity founded at a historically black college.
Omega Psi Phi’s national hall, Thirkield Hall, is located at Howard University. It was founded by Edgar Amos Love, James Cooper, and Frank Coleman.
The faculty advisor was Ernest Everett Just. It was founded back in 1911 and has been growing since.
The fraternity’s motto is “Friendship is Essential to the Soul”.
On Founder’s Day, people celebrate and remember all the good times they had while they were in the fraternity. You wear the colors and logos of the fraternity, meet with people who are still a part of it, and you talk and remember all about it.
Sometimes, there are banquets held at the hall on Founder’s Day.
Mr. Brown and other administrators were at the Manhood 101 emergency meeting, in Main Street, informing them about the fraternity. They sat there, eating food and reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”.
Once the bell rang to transition from period 3 to 4, they huddled together in a circle and sung the organization’s song.
Afterwards, they started breaking down and doing dances they used to do at college. Once they were done, they sent everyone back to class.