Food for Thought

April Howard

Hungry? Here’s what sells at CHFHS!
Class of 2018 Pizza and Snacks
Pizza: $2.00 per slice ( Cheese and Pepperoni)
Honey buns: $1.00
Candy: $1.00
Gatorade: $1.00
Every Wednesday after school starting at 2:25PM on Main Street
“B Day Wings”
Wings: $3.00, five wings included (Lemon Pepper, Mild, Mallardi/BBQ, Hot)
Lemonade: $2.00 (Regular, Strawberry)
Every B day after school starting at 2:25PM on the second floor.
Breakfast Bistro
Waffle Sandwiches: $1.00
Bacon Waffle Sandwiches: $1.50
Pancake Rollups: $1.00
Sausage Pancake Rollups: $1.50
Coffe: $1.50
Hot Chocolate: $1.50
Tea: $1.00
Every Tuesday and Friday by the Attendance Office from 7:00AM to 7:45AM.