Jacqueline Gaskins: MAEA Outstanding Visual Arts Educators' Award

Stacey Davies and Chris Thomas

The Art 1 and Drawing and Paint
Mrs. Jacqueline Gaskins, won the MAEA Outstanding Visual Arts Educators’ Award on November 12, 2016.  The award recognizes outstanding art educators in all Divisions and Regions, from state and province.
This award is won by art teachers who show exemplary devotion and innovation within the field of art education. Mrs. Gaskins has always had an intrinsic desire to be creative and teach children.
Mrs. Gaskins wasn’t always an art teacher, but she had always been drawn to the profession. She started her career as a long term substitute teacher, but she soon decided to get an art degree and pursue being an art teacher.
Winning this award doesn’t change Mrs. Gaskins’ attitude and actions towards art.  She simply says “I always excel because I’m excellent like that”.