These Things

Stacey Davies

I don’t blame you, I don’t blame anyone
For going to the extremes
To release some feelings
A few things
That cripple me mentally
As if they are my best friend, they cling to me
But the true irony is that they’re my enemy
Yet we are intertwined
In this moment, I cannot help but to surrender and resign
What’s there to do when we coexist, work hand in hand
Exist on the same rhythm and rhyme
I would love to abandon these things
For their screams of “I am ruination!”,truly rings
Yet temptation eventually will succeed
Leaving my spirit to be caressed in agony and wanting to recede
My soul looks for an escape from the very skin it is trapped in
I would love to abandon these constricting things in little time
But for some reason, I cannot take the step forward to leave them behind