JV Coach Interview

Shaunna Renier-Houston and the News Group

On December 2, 2016, the Journalism 3B students interviewed Coach Powell and Coach Groves to discuss the JV team and the season in total. This is what was said about the team….
Coach Powell said that “the JV team worked tremendously hard and did what was asked of them. This payed off as the team finished off the season with an undefeated record!”
Coach Powell also noted that the Athletic Department wanted to put emphasis on the JV teams so they can finally get all the recognition they deserve.
Coach Groves says that “the team did indeed work hard, and it showed. When it came to a key player, or MVP, both coaches said that it was a collective effort that included each and every player.”
Coach Groves compared the team to a domino effect.
If one person fails, the whole team fails. This was a great analogy to express the teamwork portrayed by the JV Football Team this season.
The team was indeed very successful this past season. The key to success, according to both coaches, was teamwork and dedication.
Congrats to the JV Football Team !!