The Media Centers Open House

Tyra Ware

On December 22, 2016, Ms. Goff and Ms. Pea hosted the Media Centers Open House. There guest librarians, activities and prizes you could win.
The two guest librarians were Unique Dowtin and Tiffany G. They started each lunch highlighting the online resources for the Library and how it is online now.
All you have to do is have your account and link number, sign in, and then you are able to access all your books online.
To make it even more easier, they now have a app so you can access your books 24/7.
After the librarians spoke on the subject, they played Kahoot with questions about the library resources and also general easy questions. Every time someone was in first place after answering the question, they were able to win a prize.
It was a very good way for you to spend your lunch.