Changing Maryland for the Better


Telicia Farmer

Parks & Recreation M-NCPPC Indian Village Creation Project:  Quincy assisted in building the replicated Eastern Woodland Indian Village an Indian Village in Patuxent River Park, Prince George’s County Maryland last year. During the Indian Village Creation Project, he helped in the collection and harvesting of natural materials from the forest and wetlands.  He also, removed bark from downed trees, collected tree limbs, harvested cattail leaves and other grasses from various Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission local Parks.  He also assisted with the building of a traditional longhouse, wigwam, a palisade fences and more.  He unearthed some artifacts along the Patuxent River which reflects the Woodland Indian Culture. Other artifacts (such as stone tools, pottery, smoking pipes, ornamental beads and copper, fish and animal bones), as well as evidence of longhouses and wigwams were also found at the building site.  All of the artifacts reflect the traditional Woodland Indian way of life. Over two hundred and fifteen artifacts were found representing three distinct time periods spanning Piscataway Indian, Colonial, and Early American Periods (1000 BC to the 1900s).

Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan and First Lady invited Quincy to attend the 33rd Annual Governor’s Service Awards Ceremony on October 20, 2016 for his community service contribution to Parks & Recreation M-NCPPC Indian Village Creation Project.

Congratulations Quincy Pyles on your accomplishments!