Facing Reality


Stacey Davies

Okay, sit down, I guess it’s time to think
This is when reality will sink
Right in, fighting
To behold itself to me
Struggling to show what I need
But my mind is in a whole other world indeed
Can’t even agree on the same thing
Arguing, clashing, thoughts, contemplating
On what to do from here
In order to get there, I want to be there
There, the light at the end of the road
No matter what the future may hold
Can’t stop the reoccurring feeling that my fate will be cold
Can’t stop thinking
That soon on this path I’m walking
I’ll reach a dead end
Who knows when
I feel that there won’t be much out there for me
That so many things are going to be out of reach
And that it’s definite I’ll face this inevitable prophecy
I can’t stop thinking
How about I start doing
But how do I start, where do I begin
Can’t help but feel like a speck of dust among a bunch of diamonds
Shining, rising
Here I am, stuck on the ground, not close to trying
So how about I rewind
Take some time
Revise the issues of the mind
And hurry up and get myself out of this bind