A New Scholarship Oppurtunity

Tyra Ware

On Thursday, Janurary 12, 2017, Sonia Bowie from Barbizon Foundation Education came to the Mecca of Excellence to share the chance to win a $100,000 scholarship to the school of your choice.
Barbizon Education Foundation is a organization who wants to give kids opportunities to get into college. They also provide workshops to work on certain life skills to help  for finding a job or tutoring in school.
Bowie came to the school and sat at every lunch to give kids the option to do so.
The way to get the scholarship is to fill out all your personal information on a slip that you place inside the box. They go to all different high schools and provide this chance for kids in grades 9-12.
Once, you put your information in, they will pick a slip in July and contact the person they pick to tell them they won.
They do this special raffle every year.
*Note: When filling out the slips, you can only fill out one slip. If you fill out multiple, they will take out all the ones you submitted and you will have no chance in winning.