The 4th Annual CRI Luncheon


SGA team ready to fill the plates of the CRI students and parents.

Michaela Boyd and Tony Walters

On January 12, 2017, CRI held its 4th Annual Recognition Luncheon and Talent Show.   The event began with the luncheon where SGA served the CRI students and CRI staff an amazing lunch and the atmosphere was filled with music, people talking and having a good time.

Lunch was followed by CRI’s very own talent show.  This is where some of the students got a chance to showcase their talents in front of parents, staff, and students.  The show kicked off with “Can’t Stop the Feeling” followed by “Break Every Chain ” performed by Marquise Jones.  In addition, Taiyon Stuggs was allowed to display his art pieces. The last act of the talent show was a song interpretation to “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Adam Johnson, Kenny Mashishi, Javonna Medlin, Anthony Olodun, Ijeoma Onunkwo and Ernest Serry.

At the end of the talent show, Ms. Holden-Martin received an award in honor for the Sonny House organization. All the students of the CRI program received awards for their hard work and accomplishments.