Daja Carmichael Announced 2017 Youth Ambassador Award Winner


Tory Ferguson

On January 12, 2017, CHFHS student, Daja Carmichael was awarded the 2017 Youth Ambassador Award. This is a pastor nominated award that is typically given to young activists who are active in their community, stand up for change, and lead their peers in the right direction. In order to receive this award, you must first be picked by the committee.
Daja Carmichael is currently a 12th grade student at CHFHS. She plans to attend Virginia State University and study clinical psychology. She feels that this award helps colleges view her as a leader and hardworking student. “It’s an honor to be recognized”, she said. Carmichael prepared for this award by getting involved in “Black Lives Matter” rallies, SCLC Chapter meetings, and major community issues. “For example, a group of us students gave a motivational rally speech when Philando Castile died”, she stated.
When asked to give advice for anyone who plans to receive rewards similar to this, Carmichael said, “Don’t just say it, do it! Always be involved, not just in only major issues but also minor. Make sure you never procrastinate because you are expected to stay consistent and determined.”