God is Dead

Jaquan Mumia

There’s a body on the ground
But the lining ain’t in chalk
I heard the screams of his brothers
As he hit the asphalt
There wasn’t no cries of despair;
They sent the killers champagne
Some flowers and a card
Like bless the day that you came
And them Js were clean as ever
But the street still had stains
So to wash away the blood
They bought some Tide and some Gain
They asked if I’m down to ride
And even though I’m ashamed,
I can’t really point the finger;
I’m the main one to blame
I was at the convenience store
When a dead man walking came through
He asked me to lend a hand
But I knew they’d come for me too
He told me we used to be fam
Until I dropped out the crew
I told him I couldn’t stand
Walking a mile in his shoes
Told him I couldn’t stand
Putting my trust in the truth
And even though we’ve been through hell
I’m afraid of the noose
Lynch mobs be toting stones
I seen the boulders they threw
Lord please forgive me; but I promise
I ain’t plan to kill you