I Am Alive

Hannah Ifekoya

I Am Alive
Not merely breathing, and waking, and seeing, I Am!
Not feeling or hearing but becoming
The shell of the shivering mess I once was echoes as it falls to the ground
I Am Alive
I breathe in wonder and exhale contempt. This world is a mass creation of all that is good
and bad, it’s a man made safe haven for those who shake and quiver and refuses to accept
more. It’s a blinding blanket comforting those who refuse to experience…the more they use
it the less they see.
I Am Alive
I have shaken this previously smug and existential earth down to its very core, daring it to
stand against me. Who can take away my pride and self acceptance when I know who I am
Who can come before me, making me question my existence? None, for
I Am Alive
I have torn and destroyed and ripped all the self hatred that exists around me to the
ground, and laughed maniacally as I burned and danced as the scared and withering ashes
fade out before me
This world is a blank canvas, daring the clinically insane joyous wondrous people before it
to mark it up, shape it, to like for the more of it
Insanity is but a state of mind to those who know there self worth..to those who are Alive,
not just existing
So once again I call to those, who are created and in turn create, whose sight are gone but
can see the world as it is and as it should be, whose dreams are dried up but don’t stop
I call to the clinically insane state of mind that whisper in your ear in the early hours of the
All those who dare to Be Alive with me and look this smug world in the eyes as they make it
now before them