Talk wise Talk Loud

Talk wise talk loud 

How much does that matter

If you feel like no one ever hears you

Im all over the place, take a step back

This is a moment, this is how i feel currently

When i leave this place, ill look at the things ive said

With a new lens and instead of feeling emotional

Ill keep a level head

ryme scheme for my poetry of thoughts

Is like an empty seat with small cuts

But its hard to see

Did that make sense?

It lacks substance

Like a emo kid, wanting new friends

Pretty talkative , but i pretend

Like i know it all, lie to myself

But i open up, but feel closed in

Want acceptance, think i need help

Like a therapist, dont want judgement

Kinda funny cause i dont judge less

Judging myself, exhicuinor

But i fear death

Well i fear God yet i still sin

Feel it kick in, my thoughts ringing

All up in my head, its kinda creepy

Voices left to right, they sound just like me

Might be hard to get, if you cant relate

Give my thoughts to you on an open plate

Its kinda dirty tho, never washed it

I go on and on, bet youve lost it

Man you talk to much wished you shut it

I dont get what i wrote, its pretty stupid

Oh well.

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