The familly that is ROTC

September 30 of 2021, i had to pleasure of spending the time with the ROTC Program, Due to a assembly that was called out to all ROTC students.

Te time i spent with them gave me a certain prospective of what it means to be in a program filed with not but love and respect for one another, even for the newest students in the classrom.

The warms and acceptance i felt from the students and Adults in the room was like no other, from jokes , to getting what need to get done, done.

The goal was set and explained in the class, not in a forceful way, but in a serious but inspiring way. And the Cadets were all intoduced nicely and explained what they do the best they could so all the other cadets in the room would unterstand.

The ROTC program seems to be more like a family, a group of like minded people who are inspired by what they do , but walk in the path together with nothing but love and acceptance.

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The familly that is ROTC