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Jan. 18, 2017 SAT Word Of The Day is Novelty(noun) : something new or unusual. Although the circus visited every year, this years addition of the bicycle riding monkeys was a novelty.

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College Bound

Jaguars In The News

Story: Flowers Defeats DuVal 7-0image


The Jaguar Renassaince

  • What is “Power”
    P is for Plucky, courage in the face of adversity O is for Optimistic, always looking up W is for Winsome, filled with c
  • “The Burning Ardor”
    I wish, I wish passion a bliss my fire burns you will turn you a crisp Fire, Fire it will never expire you will see mine
  • Image
    Facing Reality
    Okay, sit down, I guess it’s time to think This is when reality will sink Right in, fighting To behold itself to me St
  • Crayon Box
    It’s so hard being the white crayon No color to brighten me up No use to make me stay It’s so hard being the
  • The Freshmen Female Artists
    The Female Freshmen all have some nice artists as well. Some have came to share their art with The Main Street Journal.
  • These Things
    I don’t blame you, I don’t blame anyone For going to the extremes To release some feelings A few things That


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