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  • Nnamdi Olebara Interview!
    On January, 14th I interviewed Nnamdi Olebara who recently just recently signed and committed to Howard University Track
  • Swimming Regional Championship
    Come out and support the Charles Herbert Swim Team as they go to the Regional Championships this Saturday at Fairland Aq
  • Senior Night
    Last night was senior night for our Lady Jag cheerleaders. Congrats to the following seniors:  Brianna Bullock Tamia Th
  • Image
    Swimming County Championships results
    Congratulations to the Flowers boys swim team for placing an overall 2nd place in Count Championships this Saturday. The
  • Image
    Senior Signing Day!
    On February 6, 2019, National Signing Day for the senior athletes was held in the Helena Nobles-Jones Auditorium. The ce
  • Swimming County Championships
    Come out and support your Charles Herbert Flowers Swim team as there one of the many teams participating in this years P

College Bound

The Jaguar Renassaince

  • Learning
    You live and you learn everyday there is no but what can you learn. But could you tell me what you learned did you learn
  • Living My Best Life
    Life is unpredictable. Life is unstable. Everybody is going to die because death is a journey everyone has to take. What
  • Making Money Moves
    Money don’t solve money problems. The people who make the most money don’t know how to spend it. They buy th
  • My Mistake
    Every mistake I have ever made was made chasing a place of safety a place where I was sure my demons could not follow an
  • Uniforms
    #42 Freewrite: Uniforms I think uniforms means a clothing you have to wear everyday. I like to wear uniforms because I d
  • Patience!
    Freewrite: Patience I think patience means waiting respectfully. I’m patient but if it comes to waiting months I’m n

Quote of the Week

Quote of The Week

The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.

 Michelle Obama


  • Want to Join Pep Band?
    Meeting Schedule: On Tuesdays and Fridays Starting and Ending Time: 2:50 pm to 4:30 pm Teacher and Sponsor: Mr. Myles
  • Drama Club
    Come out and see your fellow classmates hit the stage.
  • Enviornmental Club
    If you desire some service hours please come to room 533 today after school . We have a couple of things for you to do f
  • Master Chef Club Cooking Competition
    On Wednesday, February 6, 2019,  the Master Chef Club is holding a wing competition.  Different teams of chefs will co
  • What Is Next For Master Chef Club
    Master Chef Club has decided to cook Mr. Mallardi wings but since not a lot of came this week because of the weather. Th
  • Leading Ladies and Lads
    Thursdays 3-5 Snacks served!! Learn how to succeed in future endeavors as a lady or lad!! Sponser: Alyssa Doughty In Ms.

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