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College Bound

The Jaguar Renaissance

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    Procrastination (Pro)blems
    Procrastination is inevitable, or at least it constantly feels like it. Being home amidst the pandemic has not been help
  • HBCU Virtual Experience
    Prince George’s County Alumnae Chapter (PGCAC) of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. invites Charles Herbert Flowers
  • Life at a Boarding School
                Boarding schools have been around for ages and has caused many students to become prepared for the rea
  • My Freshman vs Senior Year
    The difference between my first day of 9th grade and my first day of 12th grade is astronomical. Not only am I older, wi
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    CHF PAC Interviews
    On Wednesday, January 13  the Principal’s Action Council (PAC), one of the lead organizations in our school, will
  • Worth the Wait
    The longer that you wait For something. The more you start to appreciate It when you get it, Because Anything worth havi

Charles Herbert Flowers High School Mission Statement

"The mission of Charles H. Flowers High School is to provide a rigorous educational program which motivates and enables each student to develop intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally in a safe, and productive school climate, which nurtures creative and critical thinking thereby developing sound values that promote excellence for lifelong learning."

MSJ Staff

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    Jada Winder (2020-2021)
    Hi, my name is Jada Winder, I’m a writer in Journalism 2, and a senior at the MECCA! Something that keeps me occupied
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    Shyann Snyder (2020-2021)
    Editor in chief Shyann Snyder is a Sophomore in the graduating year of 2021. She has been writing for The Main Street Jo
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    Kyle Holmes (2020-2021)
    Grade: 11th Like: sleeping, playing games, bike riding, baking/cooking, coding Dislike: rude people (people who criticiz
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    Corbin Pettigrew (2020-2021)
    My name is Corbin Pettigrew.  I am a writer in Journalism 2. I am a senior here at the MECCA. Some hobbies of mine are
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    Virginia Bates (2020-2021)
    Editor In Chief Virginia Bates is a Junior in the graduating year of 2021. She has been writing for Charles Herbert Flow
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    Maya Clemons (2020-2021)
    My name is Maya Clemons, a junior at CHF. I’ve taken journalism 1 in my sophomore year and is continuing journalism 2

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