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September 20 2019,impostor (noun)One who assumes a false identity.  More →


  • 9/12/2019 Back to School Night
    Check out our Jaguars back to school night video! https://youtu.be/vRPoS3524g8  
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    Review Of Crying On The Street Play
    On Wednesday May 31, 2019 I went to the Crying On The Street play for community service hours and to watch it.  Overall
  • Calling out seniors for class night!!
    Greetings Seniors (it sure feels good to say that)! This is, once again, your Class President, Tyree Bell, here with a
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    Taste Of Flowers
    Good evening CHFHS students & staff! My name is Chelsea and I am the Vice president of the class of 2021. Our class
  • YPG Fun Day
    HELLO CHF STUDENTS! You’re invited to an afternoon of fun at Young People for God’s (YPG) fun day! Join them in thei
  • Trump Concedes Border Wall Construction
    President Donald Trump pushed back Wednesday against “haters” who say he is making little headway on his signature c


College Bound

  • Last Chance for Seniors to Test for Accuplacer
    Seniors you are being notified through your PGCPS accounts along with lists posted in the building.  PGCPS have provide
  • Well Wishes From Dr. Brown To The Seniors
    Dr. Gorman Brown sent an email wishing well to all the seniors. Here is what what said in the email. Cherished CHF Stude
  • Merit Scholarships Available
    Many of your seniors have chosen which school they will attend this fall, while some are still unsure for reasons beyond
  • College Bootcamp
    The College Readiness Office is preparing for the 2019 College Readiness Summer Bootcamp at Charles H. Flower HS from Ju
  • College Fair That Change Lives
    Attention Juniors! It’s never too late to start getting ready for college. Many juniors at our school have taken t
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    Senior Signing Day
    On Friday, May 3, we had senior signing day at Charles Herbert Flowers high school. They were so many seniors that parti

The Jaguar Renassaince

  • Gun Control
    Do guns make society safer? The regulations made by the authority for gun control brings fear for the safety of our coun
  • Well Wishes From Dr. Brown To The Seniors
    Dr. Gorman Brown sent an email wishing well to all the seniors. Here is what what said in the email. Cherished CHF Stude
  • Business Honor Society
    I made it into the Business Honor Society. I, along with others that were accepted into the program, had to dress in a b
  • My End of High School
    My high school years have been bumpy, but a great ride. I never believed anyone when they told me that high school passe
  • Dual Enrollment Registration Help!
    If you have successfully applied to the dual enrollment program, then you have received an email with directions how to
  • Her Part 1
    My phone off, your clothes off They sleep bae; they dozed off You go, girl, ain’t never had it like this Girl, you

Quote of the Week

Quote of The Week

“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.”
– Bobby Knight


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