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December 13, 2019, configure (verb) To arrange in a certain form, figure, or shape.  More →



College Bound

The Jaguar Renassaince

  • Nikki Giovanni Habits
    I haven’t written a poem in so long I may have forgotten how unless writing a poem is like riding a bike or swimmi
  • E.E. Cummings
    since feeling is first who pays any attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you; wholly to be a fool wh
  • Image
    Do you know where this is located?
    Have you ever seen this picture? Do you know what wing of the building it is located?
  • A Need To Be The Best
    There’s talent all around Intelligence in every mind Every person is unique Intimidating my confidence down   How
  • I Look Down At My Phone
    I look down at my phone Hoping to see a new text From anyone, anyone i say But i know theres never anything to check &nb
  • Judging Eyes
    Judging eyes All around Evaluating every single detail To the smallest compound   Pointing out every flaw So everyo

Quote of the Week

Quote of The Week

“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.”
– Bobby Knight


      CHFHS NATURAL HAIR CLUB!!!           The Natural hair club meets in room 305 immediately after
  • Image
    YPG’s First Official Worship Meeting
    Young People of God will be hosting their very first worship meeting at Charles Herbert Flowers High. It will take plac
  • Image
    Holiday Sweater Day
    Have a holiday sweater or onzie on hand? Well get ready for Holiday Sweater Day on Friday, December 6. The National Art
  • Chinese Honors Society
    The National Chinese Honors Society is exclusive to Chinese 2 and above students. It is sponsored by Mr. Wu, the Chinese
  • National English honors society
    If you want to join the National English honors society the application to join the organization is due this Friday room
  • Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honors Society)
    If you are interested in joining the math club: “Mu Alpha Theta”, next meeting will be this Friday 11/22/19 in Mr.Ac

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