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  • CHFHS 2019 Tennis Team – Schedule
    Opponent            Day          Date         Time     Home/Away Parkdale                 
  • The Lady Jags beat the Wise Pumas
    On April 4th, the lady Jags played Wise Pumas on the Puma’s home turf. A lacrosse match of the ages. It was a good gam
  • Image
    Jaguars Baseball Crush Duval!
    Our Jaguars Baseball team has gotten out to a flaming hot start of the season! On Thursday, April 5th, 2019, the Jaguars
  • Image
    Girls Softball Game
    Date: Tuesday , March 26 Where: Charles Herbert Flowers Girls Unfortunately Lost Vs: Wise
  • Softball Game
    Girls Softball game today at 4:00pm March 28, 2019 Location: Charles Herbert Flowers
  • Track Scrimmage
    The track team had a scrimmage at Charles Herbert Flowers high school yesterday March 27,2019. The scrimmage was good an

College Bound

  • TU4U
    On Friday, April 5, there were students from different areas, who joined each other at Towson University for TU4U, which
  • Summer Science Program for High School Students at McDaniel College
    Hello! Did you know that your students can spend a week (or more!) on the McDaniel College campus this summer actively e
  • Delaware State University Open House
    Delaware State University  pleased to announce that they will be having a Spring Open House on Saturday, April 6, 2019
  • Image
    Exploring MC
    Montgomery College will be having an open house Saturday,April 6 9 A.M-noon at Rockville Campus. You can sign up today a
  • Image
    Exploring Morgan Day
    Morgan State University will be having an open house on April 5,2019 at 8:00 am-3:00 pm at the Hill Field House. This wi
  • Guaranteed Acess Grant For Students
    The Office of Student Financial Assistance is telling us that the deadline for Guaranteed acess grant is approaching.

The Jaguar Renassaince

  • Timeline.
    Time doesn’t wait. It keeps moving and going and never stops. For anyone. Time will always go on, through generations
  • Death
    I’ve lost myself as a individual, messing around with people I thought were my friends.  I’ve lost myself b
  • An Ode to Uncle Dean
    Uncle Dean, You are one of the greatest men I’ve ever met. I don’t have a lot to say other than, thank you s
  • Lies
    “The truth is the only safe ground to stand upon”      Everybody lies. Sometimes its to protect your self
  • Image
    Have you been to Washington D.C. lately? What did you notice? Anything look different? Well I know that I have. I have n
  • God
    When God created you, He knew what he would see. Someone that wasn’t perfect, Or in heaven you would be. He put yo

Quote of the Week

Quote of The Week

"Education is our passport to the future. For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare it today."

                              – Malcolm X


  • YPG Annual Conference!
    On Friday May 3rd, the Young People for God Club will be hosting another one of their annual conferences!  The event wi
  • Image
    Natural Hair Club
    Good afternoon Jaguars, the Natural Hair Club will NOT be meeting this Thursday, April 11th. Our next meeting will be af
  • Class of 2020 Fundraiser
    C.H. Flowers class of 2020 is having a honey baked ham fundraiser. The end of the fundraiser is April 13th. 20% of each
    SGA is currently working on the color run which is coming soon! Start preparing now ladies and gentlemen.🏃🏾‍♂
  • Join The Marching Band
    If you play an instrument and would like to join a family of musicians who share the same for music as you, then sign up
  • YPG Movie Day
    The Young People for God Christian Club will be having their movie day on Friday, April 5, 2019 from 2:45pm- 4:30pm in t

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