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Nov. 15, 2018 Word Of The Day: memento (noun) : something that serves the warn or remind  More →


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    Step Up, Show Out… Support Class Of 2020
    Source: Ms. Bego chauntia.bego@pgcps.org Tickets are on sale now!!!!  Come out to the step show on November 30th 2018,
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    Dejah Grant Signs To Hampton University
    On Thursday, November 14, 2018, Senior Track Runner Dejah Grant held an event in which she would be announcing where she
  • Chef Club/Cooking
    Master Chef Club Meeting Date: Wednesday Time: 2:45-4:30 Room: 1103 Coordinator: Mr.Mallard aaliyahc-jackson@pgcps.org &
  • MeechOnMars Goes to Howard
    On Thursday November 1st, influencer MeechOnMars, formally known as Demetrius Harmon, visited Howard University in Washi
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    Flowers Playoff Run Starts Now !!
    Springdale, Md.-based Charles Herbert Flowers High School Head Coach Dameon Powell took over a team that only won four g
  • Maryland Elections
    In the election yesterday, the democrats won for the House of Representatives and the republicans won for the Senate. Fo


College Bound

The Jaguar Renassaince

  • Real
    There are so many things that we can feel. But does it necessarily mean that they are real? We walk, talk, and play. We
  • Emancipation
    “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” For as long as I can remem
  • Reading Just is Not For Me
    Reading is not my forte. Id rather be watching Kevin Hart on a Saturday. If anything I’d be reading the bible. It
    I desire so many things. I think all of us have something that we desire. Desiring is what makes a lot of us go on in li
  • Dreams
    Just listen to me kiddo Everyone has dreams They will trick you But its not as bad as it seems The mind works on its own
  • The Moon
    Moon So far but yet so close So bright but yet so dark Your light is my guidance So lonely in the sky Above all the shin

Quote of the Week

Quote of The Week

The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them.

 Michelle Obama


  • National English Honors Society
    Have you heard about the National English Honor Society? There are meetings held in Mr. Pettigrew’s  classroom, r
  • National Honor Art Society
    Tuesday & Thursday 2:30 – 3:30 to 4 Room 813 Ms.Pond erin.pond@pgcps.org
  • Chef Club/Cooking
    Master Chef Club Meeting Date: Wednesday Time: 2:45-4:30 Room: 1103 Coordinator: Mr.Mallard aaliyahc-jackson@pgcps.org &
  • 3D Scholars
    3D Scholars is a program where students can get a head start for taking college courses when you reach your eleventh-gra
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    Flowers ASA
    Flowers ASA Monday and Wednesday… days may vary Time:  2:30-5:00 Sponsor: Ms. Hall located on third floor Student
  • Master Chefs Club third discussion
    Master Chef Club had a meeting on Wednesday Oct.31,2018 in room 1103 at 2:45. Students discussed ideas on what they wou

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